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Sonja C. West

My name is Sonja! ...

Santa Photography has a passion for providing a variety of photography services, offering professional high quality photography like photography Events, Portrait photography services, portraiture, Weddings and Videography just to name a few, for all of your photography needs in the surrounding area in the High Country of North Carolina for over 42 years.
We specialize in most photography needs regardless if you are (straight, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, intersex, queer, LGBT weddings and same-sex weddings) where such photography services are not easily obtained by select groups of people.
Plus! we offer discounts of 10% percent on wedding cost from $600 and Up! within 50 miles of Boone, NC


During in this day and time we are all dealing with the COVID-19 SPELL and taking very strict precautions to protect our clients and business employees that are required to wear a face mask, keeping a safe distance at least 6" feet, wash hands often, cover cough and sneezing, to call ahead if sick, avoiding crowds in a room, avoid touching eyes and wearing gloves if necessary. We apologize about the strict rules, but we MUST be safe and protect ourselves and others, out of respect to each other!

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Letters to and from Santa Claus

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"Providing All Types Of Photography Services"
Travels up to 100+ miles in and outside of Boone, NC.

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Christmas Photos with Santa Claus

Santa-Photography Photos
Creating Memories that Last and Santa Claus Writes!
Memories that last a lifetime Christmas photos and Santa letters worth sharing! Give the kids a chance to share those memorable moments with Santa Claus at Christmas having their photo taken with Santa, and receiving a Christmas Letter when you write to Ole Saint Nick. Get a letter from Santa Claus when you write!
Santa Photography!
We have taken Santa photos in Boone, North Carolina for over 40 years since 1978. We offer a unique Santa Photo experience where kids not only have their picture taken with Santa, but also have a few minutes to share with Santa what they want for Christmas. (Also, other holiday portraits!)

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